Images of Instow

Instow’s location on the estuary of two rivers means that residents and visitors alike are treated to views which never cease to inspire and lift the spirits. From the sandy beaches populated by families and dogs taking time to relax, to boats of all sizes and types on the water, there is much to please the eye in our maritime village. At the end of the day, when the skies are blue, the sun can be watched as it sets over the sea beyond the Bar. The temptation to reach for a camera is strong and we display here a selection of photos which local people have taken and which capture the essence of Instow.

The first four images are taken from the book “Instow – A History” by Alison Grant and Others. Alison was an Instow resident for many years and her book provides an authoritative account of the village’s history. The photos which follow are more recent and were also taken by local residents.

Instow from the air, from “Instow – A History”
A view from the quay at Instow with Appledore in the background. From “Instow – A History”
A view from the beach in the Sandhills area of Instow, looking south. From “Instow – A History”
A peaceful sunset scene. From “Instow – A History”
Instow signal box. Image courtesy of Bideford Railway Heritage Centre
The last rays of the sun disappear behind Appledore. Image courtesy of Thom Flaxman
An information board for the Tarka Trail near the old station
A glorious sunset. Image courtesy of Mary Jane Scott