Coronavirus Help

A message from our MP, Selaine Saxby, 15th October 2020:

As we move into the second wave of this dreadful pandemic, it is more important than ever that we follow the basic guidance and ensure we wash our hands very frequently, cover our face in enclosed spaces and keep our distance to two metres as far as we possibly can.

In addition this year, ensuring you get your flu jab is more important than normal as having the flu can mean you are more susceptible to the effects of Covid-19.

Flu jabs are important every year, but this year they are particularly important because:
• if you are at higher risk from coronavirus, you are also more at risk of problems from flu
• if you get flu and coronavirus at the same time, research shows you are more likely to be seriously ill
• it will help to reduce pressure on the NHS and social care staff who may be dealing with coronavirus

If you are eligible or you have been contacted by your doctor to get one, please do so. You can arrange to have it at either a GP surgery or your local pharmacy, with many encouraging you to make an appointment before you go. Due to the high demand this year, there may be occasions when the jab may not be immediately available. More vaccines are being delivered, so please do persevere, the details of why this is happening are available on this NHS leaflet.

The Government are providing additional support to those who have unfortunately lost their jobs during the pandemic, and it is important if you are seeking work to contact our excellent Job Centre Plus in Barnstaple who can help with CVs, skills retraining, job seeking and benefits. The new Kickstart Scheme is designed to help specifically the 18-24 unemployed back into work. Local businesses that wish to offer a young person a position, which is paid for by the Government, can find out more information about the scheme here and apply through local gateway organisations which currently include the Devon Chamber and the South West Federation of Small Business.

Selaine Saxby, MP for North Devon
15th October 2020

Notice to Residents of Instow October 2020

We welcome people back to Instow. Please respect the inhabitants and other visitors by maintaining social distancing at all times, particularly on the beach and pavements. If you are sitting in cars or benches, ensure that other users of the pavement can pass while maintaining their distance, particularly now that there is much more traffic.

Please ensure that dogs are kept under control on the beach, especially during the middle of the day when there are a lot of people on the beach, and please follow the voluntary code of conduct which is for July and August.

The All Saints Chapel Community Centre is now open for people to use. The weekly drop is on Tuesdays is at the moment not taking place. All users have to observe the COVID restrictions.

The Parish Hall is still closed apart from for the preschool sessions.

The Council car park is open and charges apply, at present the machine is for cash only, but there are plans to upgrade this.

The toilets in the car park open again.

Anyone bringing their boat back to moor on the beach should remember that mooring charges apply on Instow Sands. Please see the beach page.

The Cricket Club is now open, but on a restricted basis. Visitors are welcome to watch matches and the bar is open. Please check the North Devon Cricket Club site for opening times.

The North Devon Yacht Club is open, but members must observe social distancing at all times and are only allowed at present in the boat park. The committee made great efforts and have done their best to have as much sailing as it safely possible. The Cadet training had to be cancelled.

Various residents of Instow, with the backing of Instow Parish Council, have come together to offer support and help to residents of Instow who are still having to self-isolate themselves due to the Coronavirus.

If you need help with other things than grocery shopping – for example – medication collection, a phone call, activities (jigsaws, magazines, books etc) call one of the following numbers:

• 01271 861446
• 01271 860479
• 01271 860660

There is a specific Facebook page set up – Instow Help Group 2020.

All the pubs and restaurants apart from Instow Barton are now open, and some of them are also doing takeaways.
Instow Barton, Saturday suppers booked in advance and various bakery items. See their facebook page or website for details. 01271 860845

The Post Office at Johns Shop in the village is only opening very restricted hours. It is suggested that you contact them to see if the post office section is open before your visit. 01271 860310

As things change we will be updating this website.