Coronavirus Help

Notice to Residents of Instow August 2021

We welcome people back to Instow. Please respect the inhabitants and other visitors by maintaining social distancing at all times, particularly on the beach and pavements. If you are sitting in cars or benches, ensure that other users of the pavement can pass while maintaining their distance, particularly now that there is much more traffic.

Please ensure that dogs are kept under control on the beach, especially during the middle of the day when there are a lot of people on the beach, and please follow the voluntary code of conduct which is for the months of May to August.

The All Saints Chapel Community Centre is now open.

The Parish Hall is now open.

The Council car park is open and charges apply, there are both cash and contactless machines, but when the telephone signal is low the contactless does not work and people using the car park will have to pay by cash.  Until the telephone masts in the area are improved the council cannot do anything about this.

The toilets in the car park are open.

Anyone planning to bring their boat back to moor on the beach should remember that mooring charges apply on Instow Sands. Please see the beach page.  Free mooring is available on the Appledore side.  Parking on the beach is not allowed.

The Cricket Club is now open.

The North Devon Yacht Club is open.

Various residents of Instow, with the backing of Instow Parish Council, have come together to offer support and help to residents of Instow who are still having to self-isolate themselves due to the Coronavirus.

If you need help with other things than grocery shopping – for example – medication collection, a phone call, activities (jigsaws, magazines, books etc) call one of the following numbers:

• 01271 861446
• 01271 860479
• 01271 860660

There is a specific Facebook page set up – Instow Help Group 2020.