Welcome to the website for the village of Instow, located at the confluence of the rivers Taw and Torridge in North Devon, UK.

Our MP, Selaine Saxby, has written a message giving useful information on Coronavirus and it can be read on our "Coronavirus Help" page under "Parish Information". 11th August 2020

Residents might like to know that we have updated our information on Coronavirus procedures. It may be read on theĀ  Coronavirus Help page below Selaine Saxby's message. 17th August 2020.

In other news, local residents might like to know more about what is happening on the beach where fences have recently appeared. They are to help manage the sand and a page of information has been created, called "Dune Management" under "Instow Beach". We have also added an invitation for members of the public to take part in a consultation on dog fouling which closes on 9th August 2020. This can be accessed on the "Consultations" page under "Parish Information". 16th June 2020.

We are seeking to recruit a new Parish Clerk. If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit the "Our Councillors" page where there is a link to to the job description. 16th July 2020.

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